My name is Luca, but everybody calls me Frank.
Currently I’m senior art director at DLV BBDO.
I was born in a small town south of Italy and when I was 15 I started my first graphic design job.
After finishing school I spent my afternoons in a graphic design studio to lay out funeral souvenirs.
A fantastic job!
My career began like that. I spent few years working in graphic design studios and agencies.
I then moved to Milan to study and during my studies I started working in large agencies.
I graduated from NABA – Milan with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Art Direction.



Do you know that if kept in a small bowl, the goldfish will remain small?
With more space, the fish can double, triple or quadruple its size.
It needs wide space in order to grow; it is able to develop strategies and to move with its eyes closed.
It’s me, a goldfish.



The Big Now, Milan – Senior Art Director
2016 > Current
[Adidas, Zucchi, Alto Adige Sud Tirol]

DLV BBDO, Milan – Art Director
2012 > 2016
[Yamaha Motors, Wall Street English, CheBanca!, P&G, Pepsi, GNV]

NABA, Milan – Teacher of Graphic Design and Art Direction
2011 > Current

BANZAI, Milan – Art Director
2010 > 2012
[Treccani, EXPO, Giallo Zafferano, Enel]



NABA, Milan – BFA Graphic Design & Art Direction
September 2009



ADCI Awards 2016 – Silver
__ GNV – Buried Ads [Direct]

ADCI Awards 2016 – Shortlist
__ GNV – Buried Ads [Promo Activation]

ADCI Awards 2016 – Shortlist
__ GNV – Buried Ads [Outdoor]

ADCI Awards 2016 – Shortlist
__ GNV – Big Bags Back on Board [Film]

ADCI Awards 2014 – Shortlist
__ WSE – Open new roads to your future [Outdoor]

ADCI Awards 2014 – Shortlist
__ GATORADE – Smash your limits [Digital integrated campaign]

NC Awards 2014 – Best digital integrated campaign
__ CheBanca! – Tira fuori il giallo che c’è in te!

NC Awards 2014 – Best Consumer Engagement
__ CheBanca! – Tira fuori il giallo che c’è in te!

IAB MIXX Awards 2013 – Gold
__ GATORADE – Smash your limits

NC Awards 2013 – Best digital integrated campaign
__ GATORADE – Smash your limits