ANCI. I love italian shoes.

ANCI is an Italian association that represents Italian footwear manufacturers companies.
They asked us to become the reference point for the digital and social world of Italian footwear.

Reconstruct, also on the digital, the equation “I LOVE ITALIAN SHOES” expressing the most of the resigna- tions that compose it.
I: the personality of each individual, to those who dream and buy the shoes, but also of those who designs and produces them.
LOVE: The passion for the Italian shoe.
ITALIAN SHOES: the excellence, passion, culture, care, design and history that each model contains.

We have created a website where you will find profiles of every Italian shoe, so as to bring out the character of each shoe as on Facebook.
In the profile of each shoe will find traditional features such as color, material but also “personal” information related to its history as a place of birth, designers, and where was sighted, who has worn it. Each profile will be linked to other profiles of shoes that have something in common and to a universe of content, articles and videos from the TV and the fashion department.
Users will find in each profile a button: “I Love”. When pressed, you can avail declare your love for that particular model, and will be given the opportunity to share this love in various social: facebook, twitter, pinterest, fancy, svpply.