CheBanca! – I giorni più gialli dell’anno.

We pushed the CheBanca! brand image of “yellow-ness” even beyond with a headline that is also a call-to-action:
“Tira fuori il giallo che c’è in te”.
The evolution of the previous campaign resulted in the creation of a tv commercial that showed, in a charming and funny style at the same time, the yellow in all of us. For the tv commercial, the slow motion technique, emphasised this vision in an extremely appealing way, giving great strength to the yellow of the CheBanca! brand.


CheBanca! – Risparmio gestito

CheBanca! wants to become a Prime Bank, including a new banking service about the Collective Investment Scheme: Risparmio Gestito. Its strategic comunication doesn’t change and remains always lively and yellow, facing difficult arguments – like the Collective Investment Scheme – in an easy e imediately way.


CheBanca! – #Cambiaingiallo