Porto Piccolo. Dai qualità al tuo tempo.

Portopiccolo is in a unique location, bathed by crystal-clear waters and nestled in the beautiful cliffs that lie between the Miramare and Duino Castles. They asked us to promote this location in a different way.

The north east Italian is a unique place, rich in history and artistic and cultural value, whose excellence is unsurpassed. Take for example Venice. Each of these places has its own excellence with which no other place can never compete. And in fact it is not on this kind of excellence that we want to compete.
We are not concentrated in the sale of the place, but the experience that this wonderful place has to offer to its visitors.

The objective is clear: to invite the public to visit, discover, try, and finally live Portopiccolo.
We have done this through a campaign that offers a simple exchange. A bit ‘of your time in exchange for an unforgettable experience.
The website can become the entry point through which to explore the world of excellence and services. We will offer anyone the opportunity to discover a Portopiccolo personalized and above all to find out a function of time that you have available for your stay in PP. That’s all the navigation on the site will be guided by the time that the user imagines moving to Portopiccolo. In that way, each target could find a good reason to live Portopiccolo.